What if crime was defined as a violation of human relationships and justice required the repair of harm?  

What if incarceration enabled the perpetrator to take full responsibility for repairing the harm they caused to the victim, the community, and themselves? 

What if Courts and Corrections were trauma-informed and trauma-responsive? 

Restorative Way can make this a reality

"Are we safer because of mass incarceration? Do long sentences deter re-offending? Do prisons rehabilitate criminals?
With 50% recidivism, exponential budget growth and disproportionate minority impact, I submit that the answer is a resounding, “No!” Prison is the clear, simple and wrong solution to the complex problems of crime and public safety."

Pete Lee, Colorado State Senator, Restorative Justice Advocate

Restorative Justice
White Paper

What does it take to build an exceptional Restorative Justice Program? This White Paper outlines how your community can take steps to implement Restorative Justice as an adjunct or alternative route to conventional retributive justice. 

Download your copy of the White Paper to discover approaches that have worked in other communities. 


"Restorative justice offers a strategy for holding more offenders accountable, with many more victims helped, with more crimes prevented, and with the costs of government reduced."

Lawrence Sherman & Heather Strang

A well designed Restorative Program consistently enables responsibility, accountability and repair.

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"We went from 12 cases per year to 400 with a less than 1% recidivism rate. How did this happen? It happened through collaboration between the courts, police, and community stakeholders" 

Will Bledsoe, Ph.D.


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