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Less stressed and anxious

Restorative Way offers an evidence-based trauma-responsive solution to resolving conflict that works

On top of knowing that you are loved and worthy of love and belonging, I don't know if there is a greater gift that we can give our kids than the ability to lean in to difficult conversations and to be vulnerable.

Brené Brown

COVID-19 Back-to-School

Accessible Techniques

Explaining the S.H.A.R.E. process and S.H.I.F.T. technique, the Playbook outlines methods applicable in your classroom today.

Online Learning Modules

Each learning module is led by
Dr. Will Bledsoe, incorporating two decades of experience applying the restorative process within an educational context.

Let's discuss COVID-19 Back-to-School

Practical Coaching

 No one gets it right the first time. Coaching sessions, designed to help you get expert advice on a weekly basis, ensure you are getting the ongoing support you need, and your questions answered.

Conflict resolved is a win-win for students, educators, parents and the whole school community.

Our aim is to reduce disruption to the learning environment; the negative impact of conflict in the classroom and ongoing stress from unresolved conflicts that lead to ongoing resentments and poor morale

Our Commitment to
Transforming Education

Restorative Way LLC is fully committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Specifically, we accelerate the capability of school communities to resolve conflict, recognize and respond to trauma and discuss challenging issues such as diversity, inequality and the impact of the pandemic on us all. 

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