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“Restorative Way’s approach to conflict resolution rehumanizes people. Their methods heal broken relationships (both interpersonal and institutional), and create an enduring framework to prevent the recurrence of ongoing destructive cycles.”

Matt Walton, Chairman, Fitscript LLC

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“Dr. Bledsoe coached the entire staff through a series of exercises and conversations, the result of which was restored trust, increased effectiveness, and an entirely new collaborative decision-making process.”

Rob Stein, Ph.D., Public School Superintendent


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Designed for all members of the school community, the Restorative Way Playbook enables you to resolve conflict, identify trauma and develop lesson plans geared for social-emotional development.


“Dr. Bledsoe’s development and delivery of Restorative Communication programming has changed individual lives, and strengthened schools, organizations and communities”

Bryan C. Taylor, Ph.D., Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Program,
University of Colorado at Boulder

Our Commitment to Transforming Individuals, Communities and Our World

Restorative Way LLC is fully committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Specifically, we accelerate the capability of Individuals, Organizations and Communities to resolve conflict, recognize and respond to trauma and discuss challenging issues such as diversity, inequality and the impact of the global pandemic on everyone. 

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