Restorative Way LLC

Founded nearly 20 years ago by Dr. Will Bledsoe, Restorative Way has been actively engaged in developing educational communities' skills in resolving conflict and recognizing trauma. In 2019, Mark Jones and Shamila Pilendiram teamed up with Will to accelerate the rate at which school communities could adopt Restorative Way's practices and enjoy the benefits these methods bring to the learning environment, school culture and climate, ultimately the social-emotional development of all learners, educators and students alike. 

In 2020, Restorative Way will be evolving into an L3C corporation to better facilitate partnerships with corporations, not-for-profit organizations and governments, to accelerate our ability to deliver ONLINE PROGRAMS to 50% of all schools in the U.S. by 2030.


Dr. Will Bledsoe

Has been called a pioneer for his advancement of Restorative Communication and his approach to implementing restorative processes in educational institutions. After watching many schools struggle to implement the core restorative practices, he believes his "whole school" approach is a better way. Will has facilitated over 1000 restorative conflict and criminal mediation encounters, trained hundreds of facilitators and received national recognition for his work.

Shamila Pilendiram

Starting her career in corporate, Shamila made a mid-career switch to become a clinical psychologist, with a deep interest in healing trauma. 

Her practice extends to both individuals and organisations. Shamila has been working as an executive with start-up technology companies for the past two decades.

Mark L Jones

Spent his formative years working for PWC as a partner responsible for implementation of new working practices for global multi corporations. 

Mark's interest in supporting the mission of Restorative Way arises from his own experience of the loneliness and isolation he felt from his own childhood abuse. During the subsequent healing journey, he has come to believe that ALL school age children deserve to have their emotional, physical and spiritual needs met, as well as developing their intellect.